Let AmeriCar Make Your Car Shine Like A Star


AmeriCar Auto Painting has been providing quality auto and truck painting needs for over 20 years, for just a fraction of the price of other facilities.

Quality Paint Services, And Auto Body Repair

Besides painting, AmeriCar does expert body repair work. We fix dents & scratches on cars, no matter the extent of the damage, and also have a marine and aviation division for boats and planes.

People have different reasons for repainting the car...sometimes, it´s the elements have aged a car or a car runs really well and is in good shape, so you want it looking good. Some customers want to get more money when they sell their car and others are giving it to another family member and want to “spruce up” the car. Whatever the reason, we have all kinds of solutions for painting your car.

So stop in, call or email us.....we have the perfect repair and pricing options to fit your needs.